ATW! 16: Stop Falling in Love, You’re Disappointing Me

You won’t be disappointed by this week’s episode; instead, WE’LL be disappointed! We talk about those shows that just didn’t meet our expectations. Then we spend WAY too long talking about eps 4-6 of Slope Kids. Everyone is falling in love and it needs to stop.

Bananya – Episode 1

Music: TheFatRat – Prelude

ATW! 14: Kellytove Alva and Her Search for the Best Pokemon

Do you like pokemon?? Cause we sure do!! It actually turns out Kelly is the better pokemon fan, and Richard’s world is turned upside down. Then we uploaded our entire lives into an online world…to discuss Molotov Alva and his search for the creator.

Recommendation: McDonald’s Anime Commercial 1

Recommendation: Red vs. Blue

Music: TheFatRat – Prelude

ATW! 13: Last Time on Drake-kun and the Ninja Clan

The first half of this episode is all about the length of shows! What could have gone on longer? What could have been shorter? What should have stopped, like, years ago?

In the second half, you meet Drake-kun! The fiercest, firiest, fightingest martial arts dragon in the world! You’ll love him!!

Recommendation: Introducing… Aggretsuko!

Music: TheFatRat – Prelude

Music: SoundImage – Darkness Approaches