ATW! 41: I Was Young Seventeen Winters Ago

We’re all over the place this week folks! To be perfectly honest, we talk a lot about K-Pop, specifically Seventeen. But we also talk about the animation that we would show our hypothetical children! Then we dive into the upcoming Winter season and look at all the highlights (I’M LIKE A BIRD)! Then we talk about Seventeen some more sorry.

Music: TheFatRat – Prelude

Rec: Julith vs Kerub in Dofus Livre 1: Julith

Rec: Unsolved: The Legend of Krampus


ATW! 40: Happy HoliGays

Happy Holidays everyone! This week we talk about some of our favorite animated holidays features. Lots of claymation here. Then we start talking about a big ole’ discussion: LGBTQA representation in anime! We talk about some real good positive examples, as well as some less positive ones… But it’s good, we end on some high notes!

Music: TheFatRat – Prelude

Rec: [2017 MAMA in Hong Kong] BTS_INTRO Perf. + Not Today


ATW! 39: My Bad Relationship With Homestuck

We’re back!! Kelly and Richard at it again!! We’re digging into bad relationships that we do not approve of. Then surprise, we talk about a little thing called Homestuck! Didn’t see that coming did you.

Music: TheFatRat – Prelude

The Extended Zodiac Quiz

Rec:【MAD】Pokémon Sun & Moon Ending『Kekkai Sensen

Rec: OFF TO THE VET (FULL FILM) – A Simon’s Cat Special!

ATW! 38: Marathon Until You Die

Marathoning! It’s something you really have to train for; cardio, stretching, snacks. Today we talk about some of the best/worst series to watch in a big chunk. Then we weep and weep and weep over a family of book nerds. It’s the end of the Bookboat!

Music: TheFatRat – Prelude

Rec: The SpongeBob SquarePants Anime – OP 1

Rec: Here’s the Plan – Animated Short Film

ATW! 37: 13 Years of Support

You know what keeps a good anime upright and standing? Load-bearing supporting characters. Let’s talk about our favorite ones! While we’re at it, let’s talk about the best supporting characters ever, the Dic Family, from the Bookboat.

Music: TheFatRat – Prelude

Rec: 義足のMoses

Rec: Potatoland | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon