ATW! 25: Eevee Letters From a Better Mascot

Can we take a peek-at-chu’re favorite anime mascot? Our’s are … not Pikachu. Or at least, not any more. Maybe once upon a time. Also, we introduce a new series to watch for the Anime Club! Listen to us speculate wildly about what Shigofumi could be about!

Music: TheFatRat – Prelude

Rec: Obituary – A Grave Beginning

Rec: Wandering Son – Trailer

ATW! 24: Friend or Dino?

Sit down my child, and listen to our spooooooky tales of scary animes. Then, we anime-fy some classic western media to make some amazing new titles, like “Tina’s Reverse Harem”, “Dino no Shoujo”, and “Friends… or Foes?”

Music: TheFatRat – Prelude

Rec 1: In a Heartbeat – Animated Short Film

Rec 2: Boku no Hero Academia – Season 2 Ending 2

ATW! 23: Laugh It Up, Anime Club

Hey Kids! Are you ready to LOL? Kelly and Richard talk about the best comedy animes they’ve seen. Then it’s time for Anime Club 101, the amazing 20-minute crash-course on running an Anime Club! It’s chock full of tips and tricks for keeping you and your ani-members happy and healthy. Enjoy!

Music: TheFatRat – Prelude

ATW! 22: Rough Town, USA – Population: Jiggles

It’s the Super Special Kelly and Richard Reunion Spectacular Extravaganza!!! You get to hear TWO anime experts speaking into ONE MICROPHONE in this week’s special episode. First, we review the most crying-est animes we’ve ever seen. We then discuss the topic we’ve all been dreading: fanservice 😦 😦 😦 Hope you enjoy!!

Music: TheFatRat – Prelude

Rec – Inferno Cop [Episode 1]

ATW! 20: Studio MMD

Time to get Ghibli with it! Yeah I’m talking about those sweet sweet anime movies we all love. And we know all of them! Totally. Definitely. Nothing to see here. Also, can we talk about how great MMD’s are? Cause we do and it’s great.

Music: TheFatRat – Prelude

MMD 1 – Beautiful Hitalia MMD



MMD 4 – Go home Homura, you are drunk

MMD 5 – Archie and Maxie ★ BAD ROMANCE ★